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Delivering innovative IT solutions
               to maximize productivity and Increase reliability

Infotrend's consultants have extensive experience and they are able to analyze and forecast demand for business customers, consider the substitution of new products for old and examine the advances of new competitors and new technologies.

They help customers understand how the new technologies proposed should be leveraged within their business. They also help customers identify opportunities and make appropriate investment decisions, encourage customers to develop new solutions which become a critical foundation as new technlogies emerge.

Our primary goal is to provide consistend data and a complete picture of the market conditions by detailed segments. For all our assignments, product and market segment characteristics are encountered for and are customized to the client's view of the world facilitating the comparison between internal and external data.

Founded in 1981, RAD Data Communications
Is an industry leader in access solutions for data & telecommunications applications
Maximize the speed, minimize the bandwidth usage

using data compression by RAD products....

Industrial Network Solutions.


Infotrend Innovations Co. Ltd are able to offer Industrial or Ruggedised Network Solutions into multiple environments including Government, Rail, Road, Traffic and Oil and Gas. Utilising best of breed network products designed specifically to deal with harsh environments and hardened to work at extreme temperatures, from -40° to +75°C, we can assist with switching, routing and media conversion. Our switches offer X-Ring technology to ensure that your network is never completely down and our routers have ADSl or 3G back up to maximise uptime and bring peace of mind. Alongside the hardware Infotrend can offer design, consultancy, installation and support services including a fully managed solution giving you peace of mind that your network is always being monitored to ensure it’s optimum uptime. With hundreds of these devices already installed and running critical services globally please feel free to contact us to discuss how we may assist you in your mission critical network services.

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P.O.Box 24078   Nairobi Place, Cairo Road
1017 - Nicosia, Cyprus   P/B 442X, Ridgeway
Telephone:   +357-22-435122   Lusaka, Zambia
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